Before calling for help, all drivers should consider staying safe while waiting for towing assistance, as this is an integral part of the towing experience. We want to share some of our best advice to help you stay safe during the entire procedure because we are professionals with years of experience in towing.

The last thing you want to worry about when your car breaks down or is in an accident is your safety as you wait for a tow truck. To safeguard yourself and your vehicle, you must be aware of potential risks and practice the appropriate safety measures.

Here are 6 expert tips from our towing company on how to stay safe while waiting for towing:


Move your vehicle to a safe location.

Moving your car as soon as possible to a safe location is crucial. This will ensure the safe loading of your vehicle and protect your and other road users’ safety. Put your automobile in a secure area by moving it to the side of the road or a nearby parking lot. If you cannot drive, consider moving the vehicle into a safe place while someone else controls traffic. If you’re on a highway, try to get to an exit or rest area as soon as possible. Rush-hour traffic won’t bother you, and the tow truck will be able to find you.


Turn on your hazard lights. 

When moving your car to a secure spot, it’s essential to turn on your hazard lights. Hazard lights, often known as emergency flashers, warn other drivers when your car has abruptly stopped or is going to do so. By flashing your danger lights, you alert other vehicles to your need for assistance and request that they drive cautiously. It also makes it simpler for the tow truck operator to locate and notice your car.


Stay in your vehicle. 

Your safety must remain in your car while waiting for help to arrive. You must stay inside when your automobile breaks down since it protects you from the elements and oncoming traffic. Staying in your vehicle will also save you from dangers like theft and assault. Lock the doors, keep the windows locked, maintain calm, and put a reflective warning triangle behind your car to make it more visible and low to the ground.


Keep emergency supplies with you. 

A crucial safety measure is carrying emergency supplies when your car breaks down. You can be stranded for a long time if your car breaks down, so it’s crucial to have the resources you need to stay safe and comfortable until help arrives.

You should maintain a variety of vital emergency materials in your car, including:

  • Charged mobile device and a car charger
  • Additional batteries and a flashlight
  • First-aid supplies
  • A blanket and extra clothing
  • A small supply of non-perishable snacks and water
  • A spare tire and an indispensable tool kit
  • Flares or warning triangles that reflect light
  • A map, or a GPS unit

Having these supplies with you will help you stay safe and comfortable while you wait for help to arrive. It’s also important to check your emergency supplies regularly and replace or restock them as needed.


Be aware of your surroundings. 

Be aware of your surroundings as you wait for assistance by the side of the road. If your automobile breaks down, you can find yourself stranded in an unknown or dangerous area. You must stay watchful and aware of your surroundings to stay safe while you wait for help. Pay attention to how the traffic moves and watch for any potential hazards. Keep an eye out for oncoming cars, big trucks, or buses, and be prepared to step aside if necessary. It’s a good idea to stick close to your vehicle while waiting for help and avoid wandering off or accepting rides from random people.


Use a phone app or roadside assistance. 

These services can provide quick and trustworthy assistance in an emergency, allowing you to get back behind the wheel as quickly as possible.

Various mobile apps and roadside support services can save your life. Several apps allow you to request assistance and connect with a tow truck or other nearby roadside assistance provider with the touch of a button. To help you make preparations, some apps even allow you to monitor the progress of your service and provide an estimated arrival time. Additional services like lockout assistance, jumpstarting, emergency gasoline delivery, and tire changing are available on many apps. Locating the closest gas station, mechanic, or car rental company is some of the additional capabilities offered by specific apps.

While you wait for a tow truck, you may keep yourself safe by heeding this professional advice. Take the necessary measures to safeguard yourself and your vehicle because it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Always be ready for emergencies and keep yourself protected. While you wait for a tow truck to come, heeding the advice from our towing company will help ensure your safety.

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